As an experience designer, I leverage new digital technologies to craft meaningful, educational multimedia for museums and brand environments.

In developing experience concepts, I rely on research, inquiry, and a deep understanding of how people interact with media in public spaces. I delve into content, pulling inspiration from details large and small, to design interactions that connect visitors to information, innovation, and ideas.

Effectively communicating the nature of these concepts is crucial to their ultimate success. I create visitor narratives, content maps, look & feel designs, animations, and renderings, all tailored to convey the emotion and spectacle of the experience to stakeholders. I have strong writing and presentation skills, rooted in a keen understanding of the educational and business value of experiential design.

I enjoy both big-picture and detail-focused design work. As Creative Director at Blue Telescope, I oversaw more than 400 media projects, ensuring that they maintained usability, brand alignment, and design integrity throughout their development.

But ultimately, I’ve always enjoyed working hands-on, crafting UX, UI, and motion designs with precision and personality. Good design can make even the most challenging content accessible and relevant, inspiring the interaction and engagement that truly bring media experiences to life.

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