As a creative technologist, I transform complex multimedia concepts into engaging digital experiences for museums and brand environments.

I build applications that illuminate challenging content and ideas through technology, integrating interactive elements such as data visualizations, simulation and game mechanics, procedural animation, and creative user-generated content.

I regularly research and experiment with new technologies to assess their potential in public exhibits and environments. I’ve delivered projects with multi-touch walls and tabletops, depth-camera motion tracking, custom physical interfaces, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and more

My nimble skillset allows me to adapt quickly to new platforms, devices, and concepts. I’ve built projects in HTML5, .NET, Unity, Adobe AIR, iOS, and more; I choose platforms based on performance, functionality, and the ease of collaboration with designers and other coders.

I enjoy rapid prototyping: building quick applications to test a proof of concept, help a client visualize a complex experience, or work out challenging UX issues.

My design background heavily influences my coding work, helping me build intuitive interfaces, dynamic animations, and microinteractions with craft and precision. These are the details, born in code, that give software personality, enchant users, and imbue interactions with engagement and wonder. : 646.258.5853 : Copyright © 2019 Patrick Snee